25 Best Sandwich Recipes For A Mouthwatering Lunch Break

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These incredible sandwich recipes are perfect to satisfy your cravings and will transform even the simplest ingredients into carb-filled delights. From protein-rich breakfast sandwiches to traditional grilled cheeses, these tasty treats are going to inspire you!

Almost everyone enjoys a hearty sandwich, right?

So, if you’ve been feeling uninspired by your usual go-to’s, I’m here to give you some mouthwatering ideas and save the day.

These delicious sandwich recipes range from old-school grilled cheeses to sinful fried fish buns for when you need a bit of indulgence.

But don’t worry, there are plenty of healthy, nutritious, and vitamin-rich sandwiches on this list that’ll keep you full and energized for hours.

And if you’re a meal prep mogul, there are several options that you can make ahead of time too!

Whether you’re on the hunt for quick and easy dinners or yummy alternatives to soups for lunch, these sandwich recipes are exactly what you are looking for.

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But before we dive in, you might want to know…

Who invented the sandwich?

It’s never been 100% confirmed, but it’s said that the sandwich was invented by John Montagu (otherwise known as the 4th Earl of Sandwich!).

Supposedly, he didn’t want to leave a game of cards but was craving something to eat. 

So, he asked for slices of roast beef to be put between two pieces of bread.

And thus, a legend was born!

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25 Best Sandwich Recipes

More Top-Rated Sandwich Recipes

How to Make the Best Sandwich: 7 Pro Tips You Need to Know

1. Use great bread

I’ve always believed that the secret to a great sandwich is crusty bread that’s good enough to eat on its own. 

Bread like ciabatta and baguette are sturdy and tasty, but it’s worth pushing the boat out with artisan loaves if you can. 

Whatever you choose, try to make sure it has a fluffy texture inside and a crackly exterior!

2. Ingredients matter

It’s easy to throw together a sandwich with cheese and sliced meat before calling it a day.

But if you want to make an excellent sandwich, avoid processed ingredients and opt for fresh veggies, high-quality meats, cheese, and herbs.

You don’t need to use ingredients you don’t enjoy, but they must be fresh and flavorful!

3. Add soggy ingredients at the last minute

There’s nothing worse than soggy bread, which is why adding wet ingredients at the last minute is crucial.

This includes sauces like mayo, BBQ sauce, and ketchup, but it also includes wetter veggies like cucumber!

If you’re meal prepping, leave out any soggy fillings and assemble your sandwich just before you’re ready to eat.

4. Add different textures

To avoid a sandwich that tastes “blah”, you’ll want to use a variety of textures to create an interesting mouthfeel.

You’ll always get amazing crunch from veggies.

But the crispiness of toasted buns and the tenderness of pulled meat can also be incredible if you want to make a great sandwich.

5. Don’t forget seasoning

Seasonings are important for any dish, but they’re especially important if you’re using simple ingredients in sandwiches.

So, trust me when I say that a small sprinkle of salt and pepper can lift even the most basic buns to new heights. 

6. Condiments are key (but choose healthy options!)

Condiments are what set these sandwich recipes apart, but you don’t need to settle for full-fat options!

I always try and substitute condiments listed for homemade healthy alternatives. If you need to buy sauces for lack of time, always read the labels and choose options with minimal ingredients.

This should keep the calorie count lower without sacrificing too much flavor – talk about a win-win!

7. Grill it

Although some recipes call for fried ingredients, you can easily grill or bake your meats and buns for a delicious result.

Not only does this mean that you need to use less oil, but you’ll still get an incredibly juicy result that you can’t beat.

What Are the 10 Most Popular Sandwiches?

If you’re wondering what the most popular sandwiches are in the US, I’ve got you covered.

Although this list isn’t gospel, it’s said that the most popular sandwiches in North America are:

  1. Grilled cheese
  2. BLT
  3. Club
  4. Peanut butter and jelly
  5. Pulled pork
  6. Tuna
  7. Egg salad
  8. Reuben
  9. Meatball
  10. Ham

More Delicious Recipes You’ll Love

Best Sandwich Recipes: Avocado Sandwich

Are you looking for an epic sandwich recipe? Make an incredible avocado sandwich! This vegetarian sandwich is creamy, filled with delicious veggies, and bursting with flavors. It’s the perfect portable food for your lunch on the go!
Prep Time10 minutes
Total Time10 minutes
Course: Lunch
Cuisine: American
Servings: 1 sandwich
Calories: 394kcal
Author: Sara Trezzi


  • 2 slices bread - whole grain
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoon hummus
  • 1 tomato - sliced
  • 2 sun-dried tomatoes
  • 1 cup arugula and/or microgreens
  • 1/2 red onion - thinly sliced
  • salt
  • black pepper


  • Pit and peel half of the avocado, slice it and cover it with lemon juice.
  • Top the bread with the hummus, place the avocado sliced on top and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Then add a layer of sliced tomatoes, the sun-dried tomatoes cut into small pieces, red onion, and greens. Then finish it off by topping with the remaining bread slice.


Calories: 394kcal | Carbohydrates: 48g | Protein: 12g | Fat: 20g | Sugar: 9g

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