Gathering Dreams

Table with coffee, books and the phrase "Do What You Love".

Hi there!

Have you ever felt like you want more out of life than just working all the time?

It’s time to finally start designing your dream lifestyle.

A healthy life with more time and more freedom to do what you love.

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I will inspire you with wholesome, nourishing recipes that will make you feel good. Because your health is truly priceless.

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Everything starts with a dream book on table with office supplies


I will help you become financially free, make money work for you, and have more time to do what you love.


I will take you on exciting adventure to explore the world and build life-changing memories.

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Sara, author of Gathering Dreams, sitting in chair smiling.

Nice To Meet You

I am Sara, the person behind Gathering Dreams. I started this blog to share my passion for:

  • Healthy Food: I started playing in the kitchen when I was only 7 years old and never stopped! 
  • Travel: It’s always a good time to explore a new destination.
  • Financial Freedom: Being able to stop worrying about money and learning how to make more
    will change your life!