23 Best Online Jobs For Teens To Start Earning Money

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Are you a teen looking to make extra money in your spare time? Forget flipping burgers! This article gives you the best online jobs for teens right now, how to get started, and how much money you could make from each!

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I admit it …

I am actually old enough to remember a time when options for teens to make extra money began and ended with things like bagging groceries, babysitting, or flipping burgers at McDonald’s.

Ok, so this was only a few years ago, but still – today, this is no longer the case!

In a digital world, it has never been easier for teens to make money online in their spare time without even leaving the comfort of home.

Even better, you don’t need any experience or special skills to get started. In fact, young people often have an advantage when starting an online side hustle because they are usually more tech savvy and are a step ahead of older people.

So how do you get started?

Below is a list of the absolute best online jobs for teens right now, alongside how much money you can expect to make with each, the minimum age requirements, and all the resources to succeed!

Let’s dive right in!

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23 Best Online Jobs For Teens

1. Flip products online

Minimum age requirement: 13+ (account must be managed by a parent up to 18 on some platforms)
How much you can make: $50-$5,000+/month

With the rise of eCommerce, one of the best online jobs for teens today is flipping products.

Flipping simply means purchasing products and then selling them in an online marketplace like eBay or Amazon for more than you paid.

Yes! It really is that simple!

You can find products to sell at thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales, wholesale retailers, or as part of limited-time discounts.

Just look at these 15-year-old brothers, who make $5,000 per month flipping products they buy in bulk at Costco!

2. Sell clothes

Minimum age requirement: 13+
How much you can make: $50-$5,000+/month

One of the best sub-categories within flipping, particularly for teens on the cutting edge of the latest trends in fashion, is selling clothes.

All you have to do is find fashionable items at places like thrift stores and estate sales, then sell them for a hefty profit to fashion-hungry customers online.

Need inspiration?

You may have already heard of Bella McFadden, aka “Internet Girl.” At 17, she began selling unique clothing she found at thrift stores online.

By her early 20s, McFadden was a millionaire, and today has launched her own fashion line, iGirl.

3. Sell stuff online with free apps

Minimum age requirement: 13+ (account must be managed by a parent up to 18 on some platforms)
How much you can make: $50-$5,000+/month

No matter what you want to sell online, there is probably a specific app designed for selling exactly that.

For example:

  • If you want to sell clothes, check out Poshmark.
  • Electronics and technology? Head to Swappa.
  • Designer kicks? GOAT is the mobile app you want.

Sometimes, nothing can beat the sheer size and reach of a platform like eBay, but often, smaller, more targeted platforms can facilitate great success.

4. Online Surveys

Minimum age requirement: 13+
How much you can make: $50-$150/month

While it may not be the most profitable option on this list, taking surveys is definitely one of the easiest ways for teens to make money online.

When you complete surveys on platforms like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie, you not only help companies shape their products and services with your opinion, but you will make money doing it.

No, you won’t get rich from taking surveys, but most only take between 5 and 30 minutes to complete, meaning that you can make money on your lunch break, between classes, while waiting for the bus, or after school.

5. Become a Twitch streamer

Minimum age requirement: 13+
How much you can make: $50-$50,000+/month

By now, we all know that the most popular Twitch streamers make millions of dollars per year. But did you know that many Twitch streamers with more modest channels are still making excellent money?

Estimates suggest that if you get between 5-10 viewers per stream, you will earn $50-$200/month, while 100 viewers per stream would earn $1,000-$5,000/month!

Games like Minecraft and Fortnite are incredibly popular, and streaming while you play couldn’t be easier!

Twitch streamers can make money in various ways – from Twitch subscriptions, affiliate marketing, and brand sponsorships, selling products or services, and even receiving donations.

Just be aware that building a following on Twitch can take time, so be patient and commit to putting in 6-12 months if you start.

6. Watch ads

Minimum age requirement: 13+
How much you can make: $50-$150/month

Let’s face it, you probably already watch numerous videos every day. So why not get paid for it?

Seriously, companies want to pay teens to watch advertisements and other video content on platforms like MyPoints, Inbox Dollars, and Swagbucks.

Like with surveys, you will not get rich watching ads – on average, you might make between $0.10-$0.50 per video – but it is an easy way to make extra money in your downtime or even while working on a different device.

Best apps to download:

7. Make money on TikTok

Minimum age requirement: 13+
How much you can make: $500-$1,000,000+/month

It’s true. TikTok is taking over the social media world – in 2020, 2021, and 2022 it was the most downloaded app globally.

But it’s not just about viral content; a TikTok addiction can actually become one of the best online jobs for teens right now.

Sure, we’ve all heard of the D’Amelio sisters earning millions of dollars through TikTok every year.

But much like Twitch, many TikTok influencers are making good money with smaller, engaged communities of followers through sponsorships and paid collaborations, affiliate marketing, and selling their own products.

8. Test games

Minimum age requirement: 13+
How much you can make: $50-$500/month

Did you know you can get paid to play video games on your phone?

Before companies release new games, they conduct product testing to make sure everything is working properly and that they are providing what their customers want and need.

Want something more specific?

Just download the Mistplay app and start getting paid to test any of their hundreds of games.  

You will actually start earning money in less than five minutes!

Best app to make money:

9. Review music

Minimum age requirement: 13+
How much you can make: $50-$150/month

Speaking of testing products, do you love listening to music?

Like other brands and businesses, record labels and recording artists want their music tested and reviewed before it’s released.

Just head over to Slicethepie, and you can start getting paid to listen to music and leave your honest review right now.

Like with surveys and watching ads, reviewing music is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but it is a fun way to easily turn your love of music into extra cash.

Best app to download:

10. Become a YouTuber

Minimum age requirement: 13+ (account must be managed by a parent up to 18)
How much you can make: $500-$50,000+/month

Like TikTok, a YouTube channel is not only a great place to go viral but one of the best ways for teens to turn their creativity into cash.

Just look at any list of the top earning YouTubers, and you will see not only teens but children – YouTube is truly a money-making platform for all ages.

Like Twitch streamers and TikTokkers, YouTubers make money through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and selling their own products.

And you don’t have to have a huge channel to get paid – many YouTubers with small channels that receive high engagement are making good money right now.

11. Tutor younger kids

Minimum age requirement: 13+
How much you can make: $200-$1,500/month

If you are especially strong in a particular subject in school, you can make good money tutoring younger students in this area.

If you’re 18 or older, check out BookNook. They will connect you with online tutoring jobs for groups of up to four kids and even provide structured lessons for you to use!

If you’re under 18, don’t worry, you can still be a tutor. To find potential clients, you can ask teachers or families you know with younger siblings; you can even find students who need private tutoring on social media platforms.

12. Data Entry

Minimum age requirement: 13+
How much you can make: $250-$1,000/month

Ok, so data entry might not be the most exciting option on this list, but it deserves mention as online work, which is so easy to start and requires very little skill yet actually pays pretty well.

Working in data entry means taking text or figures from one source and typing them into another.

If you can type relatively quickly, and especially if you are comfortable with spreadsheets and databases, you should be able to earn $15/hour or more in your spare time with online data entry jobs.

Best apps to find jobs:

13. Freelance Writer

Minimum age requirement: 13+
How much you can make: $50-$1,500+/month

Do you get straight A’s on written assignments, or write as an extracurricular activity or in your free time? If so, then you’ve got the skills for one of the best online jobs for teens right now.

As a freelance writer, you could be ghostwriting blog posts for content creators, working as a content writer for marketing campaigns for businesses, or even creating social media content for influencers and companies.

And even if you’re just starting out, it has never been easier to find freelance writing jobs online on platforms like Fiverr and ProBlogger.

14. Proofreader

Minimum age requirement: 13+
How much you can make: $250-$3,000+/month

If you have an eagle eye for grammar mistakes but don’t have the time or the motivation to write things from scratch, proofreading can be an excellent way to turn your skills into cash.

Simply, proofreaders check written material for spelling, grammapunpunctuation, andy.

As a freelance proofreader, you might help businesses with marketing material or website copy, creators and influencers with their content, or even students with their papers.

15. Virtual Assistant

Minimum age requirement: 13+
How much you can make: $250-$2,000+/month

A virtual assistant is someone who completes a business’s administrative tasks remotely – things like booking appointments, writing emails, acting as a customer service representative, or even a social media manager.

But is becoming a virtual assistant really one of the best online jobs for teens specifically?

Yes! You would be amazed by how many business owners struggle to adapt to the digital age. As such, younger, more tech savvy individuals are in high demand to help them with their digital administration.

With a little experience, you can earn $35-$50/hour or more as a freelance virtual assistant!  Want to know how?

16. Transcribe videos and audio recordings

Minimum age requirement: 13+
How much you can make: $250-$1,500/month

If you can type quickly and accurately, transcription is a good option to make extra income online.

A transcriptionist listens to audio files or video recordings and types what is said into a document. Go look at your favorite podcast. It is likely accompanied by a transcript of what was said during the episode.

You could be getting paid to create this transcript!

And it’s not just podcasts – businesses, marketers, and content creators all need transcriptionists right now.

17. Voice Over Artist

Minimum age requirement: 13+
How much you can make: $250-$2,000+/month

Think about the narration of a YouTube video, the commentator on a commercial, the dialogue in your favorite game – all of these things were done by a voice over artist.

What this means is that it has never been easier to get paid just for using your voice!

The best way to get started if you are 18+ is on Voices.com, where you can get connected to clients in all sorts of genres.

If you’re under 18, you can still find work as a voice actor on platforms like Fiverr.

Best apps to find jobs:

18. Start a blog

Minimum age requirement: 13+
How much you can make: $500-$10,000+/month

Blogging is a great way to earn cash sharing something you love with the world. There is pretty much no limit to how much you can make!

Don’t believe me? Well, this blog you are reading right now is currently earning six figures every year, and I started it in my spare time with no previous experience!

Just make sure that when you start your own blog, you realize that building a profitable following can take time.

I recommend committing to working at it for 6-18 months if you decide to start.

19. Sell photos

Minimum age requirement: 18+
How much you can make: $200-$500+/month

If you take amazing photos, you could be making money off your talent with almost no effort.

Here’s how it works: businesses and content creators need images for their content, so they head to stock photo agencies like Shutterstock and Adobe Stock to get them.

By listing your photos there, you will earn a commission every time someone downloads your work.

While the amount you get paid for each download is not much money, once you’ve listed a photo, it can be purchased an infinite number of times, making it an excellent potential source of passive income – you can literally make money in your sleep!

20. Create and sell products

Minimum age requirement: 13+ (account must be managed by a parent up to 18 on some platforms)
How much you can make: $500-$5,000+/month

If you love to make things from scratch, then you’re already into one of the best online jobs for teens.

It’s true. There are so many profitable things teens can easily make and sell online which require a low upfront investment – from bath products and natural cosmetics to jewelry and sewn items, and more!

Just look at Isabel and Caroline Bercaw, who started selling homemade bath bombs when they were still preteens. Today, their company, Da Bomb Bath Fizzers, earns them upwards of $20 million every year!

21. Sell on Etsy

Minimum age requirement: 13+ (account must be managed by a parent up to 18)
How much you can make: $500-$5,000+/month

If you’re looking to create and sell things online, the first platform you should think about is Etsy. It’s the home of hand-crafted and handmade goods, and with nearly 100 million active buyers, it has a huge built-in customer base for whatever you decide to sell.

Want to break into the Etsy game with something easy? Think about digital printables.

Personally, I love the story of Rachel Jimenez, who started selling printables on Etsy while on maternity leave, and today earns over $160,000 per year!

How did she do it? Well, it all started with this amazing free printables workshop from Gold City Ventures.

22. Graphic design

Minimum age requirement: 13+ (Printify account must be managed by a parent up to 18)
How much you can make: $500-$5,000+/month

There are two great ways to monetize your artistic talents as a graphic designer.

The first is to work as a freelance graphic designer for businesses and brands – think logos, infographics, social media content, product packaging, and more!

The second is through something called print-on-demand.

Once you’ve created a graphic or design, print-on-demand platforms like Printify will print it on any number of products – from shirts to mugs, to notebooks, and beyond! – which you can then sell in an online store. When someone purchases one of these products, Printify will create and ship the product for you!

23. Start your own business

Minimum age requirement: You’re never too young to become an entrepreneur!
How much you can make: The sky is the limit!

A few years ago, I was exactly where you are now – looking for ways to make extra money in my spare time and achieve more financial freedom on my own terms.

I started to dip my toes into starting my own business when I was a teen, selling homemade salt dough dolls to neighbors and friends.

And today, my online businesses earn me six figures per year!

My point?

The best time to start making money with an online business is right now. The only thing left to do is choose one (or more than one) of the options on this list and get started!

Teenager hands holding a controller playing videogames

Online Jobs For Teens F.A.Q.

Can you make money legally as a teenager?

Yes, you can make money legally as a teenager! Plenty of online jobs are available to anyone 13 and over. For those platforms which do have an age limit, you can still get started by having a parent or legal guardian set up your account.

How much money can you make online as a teen?

With any of the options on this list, teens should be able to make between $50 and a few hundred dollars every month. Of course, if you’re willing to put the work in, some of the options can be far more lucrative than that, earning many thousands of dollars per year. Or even millions!

How do you get paid online?

Many of the options above will pay through online transfers to your bank account, which you can open at any age. However, some will require you to have a PayPal account, which you must be 18+ to launch. If you are under 18, you can get a parent to set up a PayPal account for you.

How can I avoid scams?

To avoid scams, it’s a good idea to keep a few things in mind:

– Job opportunities should not be asking you for money to sign up. If they require you to buy software or invest in a product, this is a warning sign that the opportunity is a scam.

– While you may occasionally be asked for some personal information to set up things like payment on online platforms, if you are being asked to provide a plethora of personal information, someone could be trying to steal your identity.

– If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Sites that promise you could become a millionaire overnight, or which promise earnings far above the numbers we’ve talked about above, are probably scams.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about the best online jobs for teens right now

One more tip as I leave you: As you start making money, you should begin to learn about financial literacy, so that you can use the money you earn to make more of it and achieve the type of financial freedom we all want.

Where can you start? Check out my guide to 50 Clever Money Hacks That Will Save You Thousands. Then, take a look at my top 11 Tips to Save Money Fast.

Whatever you decide to do, let me know how it’s going in the comments below, and don’t be afraid to ask if you have any questions, I respond to every single one!

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