50 Most Profitable Digital Products To Sell on Etsy Right Now

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Digital products are hot right now, and the best place to sell them is Etsy. This article will show you the 50 most profitable digital products to sell on Etsy right now, along with examples of those making big sales!

If you’re looking to make extra money online and take the first steps on the road to financial freedom, there is no better way than to create digital products.

The popularity of digital products has exploded in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down.

In fact, today, “digital goods commerce is growing twice as fast as physical goods commerce,” making it the ideal moment to start making money!

But if you’re here, you probably already know that digital products are incredibly profitable (yes, you can easily make $9k a month).

You may even know that they are one of the best things to sell on Etsy in 2023.

What you’re wondering is, what are the best digital products to sell right now?

Below are the 50 most profitable digital products to sell on Etsy in 2023, along with an example of a successful shop for each to motivate and inspire you!

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Why sell digital products on Etsy?

There are so many reasons to sell digital products.

When you’re starting out, they require almost no upfront investment, and you can often start designing and selling digital items in only a few days without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Unlike physical products, once you start selling, there is no need to purchase and store any inventory and no shipping costs to worry about.

Plus, digital products are more profitable and easily more scalable than most other business ideas out there.

Best of all, once you’ve created a digital product once, you can sell it forever, making digital products an excellent potential source of passive income.

But why sell digital products on Etsy specifically?

Because Etsy is an online marketplace with a huge built-in customer base – nearly 100 million active buyers in 234 countries – and many of these buyers head to Etsy looking for digital products.

As you will see below, there are many Etsy sellers making big money with digital products right now!

So, let’s dive in!

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50 Best Digital Products to Sell on Etsy to Make Money

Art & Design

1. Printable art

Digital printables are products customers purchase online, then download and print themselves.

Perhaps the most popular type right now is printable art – this means wall art, posters, and even inspirational quotes.

And speaking of inspiration, check out North Prints, who have sold almost 300,000 vintage printable wall art prints for $6 each!

2. SVG files for cutting machines

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a popular image format for graphics like icons, logos, and infographics.

They’re used by cutting machines like Cricut and Silhouette when creating custom apparel, unique stationery, posters, and other items.

Take a look at the interesting designs sold as SVG files by Citra Graphics.

3. Printable greeting cards and stationery

Everyone wants to find that perfect card for birthdays and holidays, to send a thank you or get well soon, to make an announcement, or congratulate someone.

Take a look at Studio Boketto, which sells funny, unusual (and occasionally NSFW) cards for all occasions as digital downloads.

4. Digital embroidery designs

Digital embroidery means converting digital artwork into a stitch pattern which can be used by embroidery machines to stitch incredibly detailed art on fabric.

Boutique Fonts is a great place to follow since they’ve made almost 150,000 sales of their embroidery designs to date!

5. Crochet, Sewing, Knitting patterns

The crochet, sewing, and knitting niche is absolutely booming on Etsy right now, meaning these things are among the best hobbies to make money.

Just look at The Easy Design, which sells crochet patterns for sweaters, hats, mitts, even home décor, or Made By Me Patterns, which sells sewing designs for children’s clothing – each is making hundreds of sales per day!

6. Digital scrapbook papers and elements

The popularity of digital scrapbooking is on the rise.

Good news for digital artists! This means people are looking for artistic paper designs, graphics, and word art to make their digital scrapbooks unique.

Check out Optic Illusions, which sells amazing digital scrapbook kits with themes like ‘Winter White,’ ‘Secret Garden,’ and ‘The Midway.’

7. Printable coloring pages

Coloring books are always a popular go-to with children, but they have now become popular with adults as a way to tap into creativity and relieve stress.

I love the amazing designs at Jade Summer Coloring, which have already generated more than $100,000 in sales!

8. Printable maps and travel posters

Printable maps and travel posters have become one of the most lucrative things to sell on Etsy.

Check out Holy Cow Canvas, which sells maps and large prints of tourist destinations, and is closing in on 50,000 sales at between $49.99 and $269 each!

9. Digital clipart and illustrations

Digital clipart is used in just about everything these days – from websites and blog posts to social media content, to unique stationery and paper products, to clothing and home décor.

I especially like what Digital Artsi is doing with their amazing watercolor clipart. No wonder they’re closing in on 200,000 sales!

10. Custom portraits

Custom portraits are one of my favorite things on Etsy. From incredible sketch art to portraits engraved on wood, the options are pretty much endless.

The absolute best might be My Kid’s Dream, which creates custom portraits of kids riding a dinosaur, as an astronaut, or as a superhero like Spiderman!

11. Printable custom pet portraits

Speaking of portraits, the hottest niche within the category right now is custom pet portraits.

I especially like what Luke Emery is doing with VanWoof. Luke is so successful he has now opened his own e-commerce shop! And believe it or now, custom pet portraits now make him $3500 a day!

Yes, that’s not a typo!

12. Phone Wallpaper

People love a custom look on their mobile devices, making phone wallpaper a great thing to sell on Etsy right now.

But why stop at wallpaper?

Check out Crèmechii, which sells unbelievably cute wallpapers and icon sets of cartoon cats and bunnies.

13. Fonts

Businesses, content creators, and hobbyists are all looking for the perfect font for their projects, making fonts one of the most profitable digital products to sell on Etsy right now.

Just look at Beck McCormick, who is closing in on 50,000 sales of her beautiful hand-lettered fonts.

14. Logos

Since businesses and content creators all want a unique logo as the foundation of their brand, logos are one of the most popular digital products for a graphic designer to sell in their Etsy stores.

Take a look at what Daisy Custom Shop is doing with logos and other digital branding materials.

Planners & Productivity

15. Planner pages and inserts

Digital planners for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly periods might be the best thing to sell on Etsy right now.

What I especially like is that many are making big sales with extremely basic products.

Just look at My Life Plans, which has made over 60,000 sales of their “minimalist” planners.

16. Printable stickers and labels

Of course, planners don’t have to be basic. Many enjoy spicing things up with unique stickers and labels for different holidays, events, and appointments.

One of the best sellers in the niche is Plan So Cute and their incredible assortment of planner stickers.

17. Printable checklists and to-do lists

Think about not only weekly and monthly to-do lists but lists for specific tasks such as vacation planning, wedding planning, or renovation planning.

Simple can be profitable.

Again, My Life Plans has made thousands of sales of basic to-do lists.

18. Printable habit trackers

Printable habit trackers help people stick to a desired habit by recording their progress – think sleep, meditation, going for a walk, taking medication, or calling your mother.

It’s A Whoot, is a rapidly growing Etsy shop that sells all sorts of habit trackers.

19. Printable fitness trackers

Fitness trackers are probably the most popular habit trackers out there. And it goes further than just tracking gym visits or counting steps.

Think about 30-day challenges, home workout plans, weight loss programs, and more.

Check out the printable weight loss journals in all sorts of different styles from Goody Planners.

20. Printable meal planners and Recipe Cards

Meal planning is a great way to save time and money while reducing waste, not to mention one of the best ways to stick to a diet.

Check out Think Like a Girl Boss, whose best-seller is their weekly meal planner and grocery list.

printable meal planners from Think Like a Girl Boss shop on etsy
Think Like a Girl Boss

21. Cleaning Checklists

Cleaning checklists allow divvying up weekly and monthly tasks.

There are even specialty cleaning checklists for things like Airbnb owners, people selling their home, or commercial checklists for small businesses.

Take a look at this editable cleaning checklist from Planner Mom Company, which has made thousands of sales!

22. Printable budget planners

I’m a big fan of a solid budget to stay on top of your finances. Selling digital budget templates which help people do this has become a great way to make money on Etsy.

For example, FRGL MAMA has made over 50,000 sales of her budget and finance planners.

23. Debt Payoff Trackers

Often, the difference between paying off debt and sinking further into it is a plan. Between student loans, car payments, mortgages, and credit cards, the potential buyers for debt payoff trackers are vast.

You might sell something straightforward, or something more unique, like this visual debt tracker from Nifty Planner Design.

Want help getting started making planners and productivity products that sell? Check out the amazing free and customizable template designs on Canva!

Social Media & Marketing

24. Social media templates

Social media templates help influencers and businesses create unique and professional social media accounts to build their brand.

Think about things like post templates, banners, cover pictures, and thumbnails for all social media platforms.

Check out ShopRShop, which sells almost 100 different Instagram templates for all sorts of small business owners and influencers.

25. Printable business cards

Business cards are a very popular seller on Etsy right now, and it goes far beyond different shades of off-white.

Just look at the customizable designs at DIY Paperie Shop.

They are sold as Canva templates, allowing customers to easily insert relevant information before printing.

26. Printable logos and branding kits

We’ve already spoken about creating logos for businesses and influencers, but actually, you can go much further than that.

Just take a look at the full branding packages at Daisy Custom Shop, which include logo design, business cards, and labels, packaging, and even thank you cards.

printable logos and branding kits from Daisy Custom Shop

27. Ebook templates

Ebooks are one of the best marketing materials right now.

The problem is, once you’ve written the words, actually putting them into an appealing ebook format can be exceedingly difficult. That’s why plug-and-play ebook templates are in such high demand.

Check out the numerous ebook templates available at Oh So Social Boutique.

28. Website Templates

Because every business needs a website, custom website templates that provide pre-designed layouts they can drop their content into have become one of the most profitable digital products to sell on Etsy.

Studio Saroya is a great example. They sell beautiful WordPress themes like this one.

29. Printable media kits

Media kits are used by influencers to introduce themselves when reaching out to brands for potential partnerships or collaborations.

Check out this wonderful example from ShopRShop, which helps influencers organize and present their brand, audience, key stats, and past collaborations all in one place.

30. Printable social media content calendars

Creating social media content every day is difficult. This is why social media content calendars which show influencers what to post and when have become so desirable.

I especially like this comprehensive digital content planner from Brush and Barley.

31. Printable Instagram highlight covers

Highlight covers are used to label the Instagram Highlights featured on your profile. While it may seem specialized, Instagram Highlight covers can be one of the best digital products to sell on Etsy.

Just look at CONTENT design, which sells a wide variety for $8.87 each.

32. Lightroom Photo Presets

Adobe Lightroom is a photo editing program where photographers apply filters to their photos. If you can create these filters, then you have one of the best digital products to sell on Etsy.

Just look at Katherine Dream, who has made more than 350,000 sales of her mobile Lightroom presets!

33. Invoice templates

Invoice templates might seem a little boring, but actually, they can be extremely profitable digital products to sell.

A great example is Digital Template Paper, which sells invoice templates for all sorts of different businesses in all sorts of different styles.

Weddings & Events

34. Printable party invitations and decorations

Printable party invitations and decorations like banners, place settings, and other décor are excellent things to sell on Etsy. Think about selling products with a specific theme for different events.

Like Paper Minx Printables, which sells invitations and decorations for everything from birthdays to baby showers to bachelorette parties.

35. Printable wedding invitations and save the dates

Wedding products might be the most popular niche on the entire Etsy platform, and invitations and save the dates are an easy way to get started with wedding-themed digital printables.

Look at Visualising Dreams, whose “minimalist wedding invitation” printable has sold thousands of times.

36. Printable wedding signs and stationery

Of course, you can go further than just invitations.

Take Vine Wedding. Yes, they sell wedding invitations, but also wedding programs, seating charts, table numbers, menus, even champagne bottle labels and cupcake toppers!

And get this.

They’ve made well over 100,000 sales at between $5-$15 each!

37. Thank-you notes

Thank you notes, which are sent to guests after a wedding to thank them for attending or for gifts, have become a whole cottage industry on Etsy.

Check out Willow Lane Paperie, which has over 80 different thank you designs selling thousands of times each!

38. Printable bridal shower games or baby shower games

Bridal and baby shower games are a long-time favorite.

From bridal shower bingo to couple trivia, to wedding mad libs and bridal Pictionary, the options are pretty much endless.

Just look at the nearly 500 printable bridal shower game packages at Strawberry Party Print!

39. Printable photo booth props

Aside from being hilarious and occasionally heartfelt, printable photo booth props are a great thing to sell on Etsy.

And it’s not just weddings.

Look at Glitter and Grain Design Co., which sells over 100 different printable photo booth prop packages.

Education & Learning

40. Printable flashcards and worksheets

Flashcards and worksheets are an excellent resource for students and particularly younger children.

A useful example of what you can create and sell is Art Design Collection, which offers beautiful flash cards in subjects like math, science, zoology, and even different languages.

41. Printable classroom posters and signs

Classroom posters and signs are a great way for teachers to educate and inspire students.

Look at Always Sunny Co, which sells classroom décor in different styles and color schemes with inspirational quotes, a classroom newsletter, a calming corner, meet the teacher, and more!

42. Printable lesson plans and teaching resources

Printable lesson plans can be invaluable for teachers and parents to stay organized and ensure children get the most out of their learning experience.

This can include something simple, like this printable weekly lesson plan template or more complex, like this comprehensive yearly teacher planner bundle.

43. Printable teacher planners and organizers

Printable planners and organizers allow educators to bring together everything they need in one place.

This means lessons and homework schedules, notes on attendance, tracking for student progress, and even motivational teacher quotes.

These amazing yearly planners from Planner Mom Company are fantastic examples.

44. Printable educational games and activities

Educational games are a way to keep kids entertained while they learn, and many parents and teachers find unique ways to do this on Etsy.

Personally, I’m drawn to the colorful resources at Riki Tiki Art, like this amazing human anatomy busy book for preschoolers.

45. Printable student planners and organizers

It’s not just teachers.

Printable student planners help students stay organized and on top of assignments, tests, and grades, as well as their study schedule and goals.

Look at this incredibly simple “minimalist” student planner bundle from Study Creations.

46. Printable study guides and notes

Printable study guides provide students with the tools to master different courses and vocations.

Think particularly about specialty subjects like medical school or things like the SAT or LSAT.

A great example of this specialization is Cece Study Guides, which sells printable study guides specifically for nursing school.

Resumes & Career

47. Resume templates and cover letters

Writing a resume that stands out can be difficult.

That’s why professional resume templates and cover letters are an exceptionally hot seller on Etsy right now.

Just look at Get Landed, which has made nearly 90,000 sales of their $9 resume templates for Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Apple Pages.

48. Printable job application trackers

It’s not unusual for someone to apply for more than one position, often many more, during their job search. Printable job application trackers help plan and organize this search.

Take a look at this useful application tracker from By Recruiters.

49. Printable job interview prep guides

For many, the worst part of the job application process is the interview.

This stress can be alleviated with printable job interview prep guides.

They can range from simple – like this printable interview planner for $1.95 – to complex – like this complete course on “mastering the interview” for $59.99.

50. Printable salary negotiation guides

One of the most important parts of looking for a new job is salary negotiation, making printable salary negotiation guides an up-and-coming category on Etsy.

Take a look at this detailed salary negotiation package from Launch Point Resume for an example.

Popular tools for creating digital products

  • Canva: An amazing graphic design platform that provides readymade templates for just about any digital product you can imagine. Available in both free and pro ($12.99/month) versions.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: The greatest collection of graphic design elements and editing software yet compiled, more than 20 incredible apps for $54.99/month.
  • Adobe Illustrator: A professional graphics editor which makes it easy to create logos, web graphics, printable designs, and more. $20.99/month.
  • Adobe Photoshop: The must-have app not only for photo editing but for combining photos, graphics, and effects to make amazing designs.$20.99/month.
  • Procreate: An illustration tool for iPad that allows you to sketch, draw, and even paint digitally. $12.99 (one-time purchase).

And don’t forget about this free printables workshop to kickstart your digital printable business and learn how to get your first sale!


Is selling digital products on Etsy profitable?

Yes, selling digital products on Etsy can be very profitable as both a side hustle and a full-time job. Most digital products require a low upfront investment, and once you’ve created the digital files, they can be an excellent source of passive income.

If you want to know more about how to maximize your profits, check out my comprehensive breakdown of How to Make Money on Etsy in 2023.

How do I create digital products to sell on Etsy?

You can create digital products to sell using tools like Canva and Adobe.

If you don’t feel that you have the required skills, you can always find someone to create your product for you on freelance marketplaces like Fiverr.

How do I list and upload my digital products on Etsy?

Once you’ve created a digital product, you can upload the file directly to the Etsy marketplace when you make your product listing. When somebody purchases the product, they receive it immediately as an instant download!

What are the fees and charges associated with selling digital products on Etsy?

While it is free to sign up for Etsy and open your shop, there are three separate fees that you should be aware of when selling digital products:

Listing fee: Etsy charges $0.20 for every product listing you have.
Transaction fee: Etsy takes 5% of the total price paid on any purchase.
Payment processing fee: Etsy charges a payment processing fee of 3% plus $0.25 on all sales.

Ready To Get Started?

From unique printable art to personalized templates, from digital planners to eBooks, there are plenty of opportunities to capitalize on the growing demand for digital goods.

The secret to success, however, is to know exactly what to sell!

To help navigate your journey, your best bet is to download this comprehensive list of secret best-selling digital products on Etsy, broken down by each month.

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Remember, every big seller started from zero.

So, what are you waiting for?

The world of Etsy awaits.

Let’s get selling!

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