25 Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas Mom Will Love

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Mother’s Day is a special occasion to celebrate the most important woman in our lives – our moms. What better way to show your love and appreciation than by preparing something delightful? Here, you’ll find the best Mother’s Day brunch ideas to mark this special occasion!

Buttermilk waffles and artichoke shakshuka recipe collage for the best Mother's day brunch ideas.

This Mother’s Day, let’s give our amazing moms the ultimate surprise: a brunch that’s as special as they are. 

I’ve gathered the most delightful Mother’s Day brunch ideas that I am sure your mom will absolutely adore. 

These recipes are not just mouth-watering treats but also packed with wholesome goodness. From savory delights to sweet treats, each dish is designed to pamper her taste buds while nourishing her body. 

Let’s make this Mother’s Day unforgettable with a brunch that celebrates the most special woman in our lives!

25 Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas to Make Her Feel Like a Queen

Grandma’s Buttermilk Waffles

Buttermilk waffle on a plate topped with fresh berries.

These classic waffles, made with simple ingredients, are a perfect way to start Mother’s Day. 

The magic of buttermilk, combined with the other ingredients, gives these waffles an extra fluffy texture. 

Feel free to get creative with the toppings: fresh berries, chocolate chips, nuts, homemade whipped cream, or even crispy bacon for a sweet and savory combination.

Smoked Salmon Tart

Smoked salmon tart topped with whipped cream cheese and smoked salmon.

This elegant dish features puff pastry topped with whipped cream cheese and smoked salmon. 

Garnished with pickled onions, dill, and capers, it’s the perfect blend of flavors and textures for a brunch that looks sophisticated, but it’s easy to make.

What more could you ask for?

Pesto Eggs

Two pesto eggs on a cutting board.

This recipe takes the classic comfort of fried eggs and elevates it with the rich, herby flavor of pesto

It’s a quick and easy dish, perfect for a leisurely Mother’s Day breakfast in bed, adding a touch of elegance to the morning.

Healthy French Toast

French toast topped with strawberrries and raspberries on a plate with a fork.

I recently tried this recipe, and it was a hit! It’s one of my favorite Mother’s Day brunch ideas!

The bread, soaked in a rich egg-milk mixture and fried to a perfect golden brown, turned out deliciously custardy inside. 

Topped with a sprinkle of sugar and maple syrup, it was the epitome of breakfast bliss. 

Simple, yet decadent and satisfying, this baked French toast is a guaranteed way to start your mom’s day with a smile.

Strawberry Overnight Oats

Two bowls of strawberry overnight oats.

Ok, I have a thing for overnight oats. I make them in so many flavors and forms, including without yogurt and with just water!

These strawberry overnight oats are a convenient and healthy recipe that will surprise you with its creamy texture and sweet, fruity taste. 

This perfect make-ahead breakfast allows you to spend more quality time with your mom instead of being busy in the kitchen. 

Blueberry Lemon Dutch Baby

Blueberry lemon dutch baby on a cooking pot.

For a special Mother’s Day treat, you have to try this Blueberry Lemon Dutch Baby. 

It’s a delightful blend of sweet blueberries and zesty lemon baked into a puffy, pancake-like dish that’s surprisingly simple to make. 

When I made it, the aromatic flavors filled the kitchen, and it turned out beautifully golden with a burst of fruity goodness. 

It’s visually impressive and deliciously satisfying.

Baked Oatmeal

Baked oatmeal on a baking tray.

This dish is a warm, comforting treat, combining wholesome oats with fresh fruits and nuts. 

It’s perfect for a leisurely brunch, offering a nourishing start to the day. 

I found it delightful and easy to make, a sure way to impress with minimal effort. It’s a cozy, heartwarming dish that brings everyone together.

Healthy Egg Muffins

A stack of healthy egg muffins.

These muffins perfectly balance protein and veggies, offering a delicious and nutritious start to the day. 

They’re easy to customize, depending on what your mom likes, and a joy to make. 

They are a flavorful, healthy twist on a traditional breakfast, perfect for a Mother’s Day treat. 

Artichoke Shakshuka 

Artichoke shakshuka on a pan topped with eggs and fresh herbs.

This colorful Artichoke Shakshuka combines eggs poached in a savory tomato-artichoke sauce infused with warm spices. 

It’s a flavorful twist on traditional shakshuka, adding artichokes for a unique texture and taste. 

The rich sauce complements the eggs beautifully, creating a hearty and satisfying meal. 

Overnight French Toast

Overnight french toast on a rectangular dish topped with blueberries and raspberries.

For a special morning, this overnight French Toast is a fantastic choice.

This recipe allows you to prep the night before, soaking the bread in a rich, custardy mixture. As it bakes, it becomes wonderfully fluffy and golden, with a hint of cinnamon and vanilla.

Topped with your favorite fruits or syrup, it’s a delightful and easy way to start the day with a little indulgence.

Perfect for a relaxed and enjoyable breakfast, it lets you savor the moment without the rush.

Vegan Avocado Toast

Two slices of vegan avocado toast with one slice cut in half.

Looking for a variation on the classic Avo on Toast? This version elevates the classic recipe with crispy chickpeas, making it both nourishing and delicious. 

It’s a great way to start the day with a healthy, plant-based option that’s easy to prepare yet feels unique and indulgent. 

Almond Flour Pancakes

A pile of almond flour pancakes on a plate drizzled with honey.

These gluten-free pancakes are a healthier twist on a classic, using almond flour for a nutty flavor and fluffy texture. 

They’re perfect for a cozy and nutritious start to the day, offering a delicious alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste. 

Easy to whip up, they will surely be a hit on your mom’s table.

Cottage Cheese Toast

Variations of cottage cheese toast.

Looking for something easy yet impressive?

This recipe offers a delightful combination of creamy cottage cheese spread over crunchy toast, topped with your choice of fruits or herbs. 

It’s a nutritious, protein-rich start to the day, blending simplicity with a gourmet touch. 

Easy to assemble yet impressively flavorful, it’s perfect for a leisurely Mother’s Day morning. 

Pecan Sticky Buns

Pecan sticky buns on a baking tray.

Treat your mom to a morning of indulgence with these pecan sticky buns. 

These buns are a luxurious blend of soft, fluffy dough and a caramelized pecan topping. 

The sweet, nutty glaze perfectly complements the tender pastry, creating a delightful and comforting treat. 

This recipe requires some extra work but looks incredible, ideal for making her feel extra special and loved. 

Matcha Smoothie

Two glasses of matcha smoothie.

This matcha smoothie combines the subtle earthy flavors of matcha with the natural sweetness of fruits. 

It’s nutritious and a delightful way to energize your mom’s morning. 

Quick to blend, it’s ideal for a memorable yet easy morning treat.

Savory Oatmeal

Two plates of savory oatmeal topped with sliced eggs and avocados.

Surprise your mom with a delightful twist on the traditional breakfast. 

This recipe infuses hearty oats with savory flavors, adding vegetables and a hint of cheese for a satisfying meal. 

It’s a creative, wholesome option that’s both filling and flavorful, making it a perfect start to her day. 

Quick and easy to prepare, it’s an excellent way to show care and make the morning special.

Homemade Oil-Free Granola

Homemade oil-free granola on a plate.

This recipe cleverly uses natural ingredients for sweetness and crunch, without the added fats. 

It’s packed with nuts, seeds, and oats, all coated in a blend of natural sweeteners. 

Perfect for a nutritious breakfast or snack, it adds a homemade touch to your mom’s day, showing thoughtfulness and care.

Homemade Crepes

Homemade crepes on a plate topped with a strawberry and blueberries.

Want to turn Mother’s Day brunch into a memory lane trip to Paris? 

This recipe guides you through creating thin, tender crepes that can be filled or topped with your mom’s favorite ingredients. 

They’re versatile and fun to customize for a light yet luxurious brunch. 

Whether filled with fresh fruits, homemade Nutella, or cream, or served with savory fillings, I am sure they’ll bring a smile to her face.

Espresso Chocolate Babka

Espresso chocolate babka on a baking tray.

Bring a unique and indulgent treat to your mom’s table with this Espresso Chocolate Babka.

This recipe elevates the classic babka with a blend of rich chocolate and bold espresso flavor, creating a stunningly flavorful and beautifully layered bread.

It’s a perfect balance of sweet and complex tastes, making for an impressive and comforting treat.

Overnight Cinnamon Rolls

Overnight cinnamon rolls filled with cinnamon sugar mixture.

These cinnamon rolls are soft, fluffy, and filled with a sweet cinnamon-sugar mixture. 

The overnight preparation allows the dough to rise slowly, resulting in an irresistibly tender texture.

 Topped with a creamy glaze, they’re not only a delight to eat but also fill the home with a warm, inviting aroma. 

A comforting and indulgent choice, these cinnamon rolls are ideal for a leisurely and memorable brunch experience. 


Two cooking pans with frittata.

This versatile frittata recipe is perfect for Mother’s Day since it allows for customization with various ingredients, so you can include mom’s favorites. 

It combines eggs with veggies, cheese, and meats, baked into a fluffy and flavorful meal. 

Serve it warm for a hearty start to her special day.

Yogurt Parfait

Two jars full of yogurt parfaits.

This recipe layers creamy yogurt with fresh fruits and crunchy granola, creating a visually appealing and nutritious dish. 

What I love is that they can be prepared quickly, making them ideal for a stress-free yet thoughtful morning treat.

Breakfast Enchiladas

Breakfast enchiladas in a rectangular dish.

Filled with eggs, veggies, and cheese, these enchiladas offer a delightful twist on a morning favorite. 

It’s a flavorful and satisfying dish that adds a creative touch to your Mother’s Day meal, combining the comfort of breakfast with the heartiness of an enchilada.

Carrot Cake Muffins

Two carrot cake muffins stacked.

These carrot cake muffins are a healthier take on the classic carrot cake, packed with flavorful spices, grated carrots, and nuts. 

They’re moist, tender, and topped with a creamy frosting baked inside (for a surprising twist!), offering a perfect balance of sweetness and texture. 

These muffins are not only delicious but also add a colorful and festive touch to the breakfast table, making them perfect for a special occasion like Mother’s Day.

Cottage Cheese Smoothie

A glass of cottage cheese smoothie.

This cottage cheese smoothie is a filling and nutritious choice for Mother’s Day. 

It combines the creaminess of cottage cheese with the sweetness of strawberries, creating a balanced and healthy smoothie. 

It’s an excellent source of protein and can be easily customized with different fruits or flavors. It’s a delightful way to add a twist to the usual smoothie routine.

Which ones are your favorite Mother’s Day brunch ideas? Let me know in the comments!

25 Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas Mom Will Love

Mother's Day is a special occasion to celebrate the most important woman in our lives – our moms. What better way to show your love and appreciation than by preparing a delightful brunch filled with delicious recipes?
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