25 Healthy Rice Recipes You’ll Love

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Are you on the hunt for delicious and carb-filled dishes to fill you up for lunch or dinner? These healthy rice recipes are here to save the day! Packed with wholesome ingredients and plenty of veggies, they are effortless and hassle-free. And so comforting. What more can you ask for?

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There’s just something I love about rice!

It’s just so satisfying and versatile!

It’s one of my favorite grains. I usually cook a big batch and add it to my favorite bento box or lunch bowl to give me that quick energy I can only get from complex carbs. 

But it’s also perfect for whizzing together a quick healthy dinner.

You can jazz it up with just about anything – toss in a rainbow of veggies, use it as a side to a creamy curry, or pair it with your favorite protein.

There are so many options!

Ready to be inspired?

For more information, click below to set the debate of Brown Rice vs. White Rice! Which one is healthier and why?

25 Simple Healthy Rice Recipes

Is brown rice healthier than white rice? 

This is like asking whether an apple is healthier than apple juice. 

Brown Rice

When you eat brown rice, you get the whole package. It’s like eating a fresh apple.

  • Fiber: A cup of cooked brown rice gives you about 3.5 grams of fiber. Now, this might not seem much, but in the grand scheme of things, it counts! Fiber keeps your digestion smooth, and it’s also known for keeping you feeling satisfied longer.
  • Nutrients: Brown rice is a treasure trove of nutrients. It’s got a good amount of manganese, which is great for your bones and metabolism. It’s also got a decent hit of selenium, magnesium, and B vitamins.
  • Glycemic Index (GI): Brown rice has a GI of around 50 (source), which is medium. The Glycemic Index is a scale that tells you how quickly a food can raise your blood sugar levels. Lower is usually better, especially for people managing diabetes.

White Rice

White rice is like apple juice, where some parts are stripped away, taking some of the nutrients with them. 

  • Fiber: White rice isn’t exactly a fiber powerhouse. A cup of cooked white rice gives you just about 0.6 grams of fiber. That’s quite a bit less when compared to brown rice.
  • Nutrients: The milling process that white rice goes through strips away a good chunk of the nutrients. It’s not completely devoid, though, and in some places, they fortify white rice with vitamins to compensate.
  • Glycemic Index (GI): White rice has a higher GI, coming in at around 72 (source). This means it can spike blood sugar levels more quickly than brown rice.

So, by the numbers, brown rice seems to have an edge over white rice in terms of nutritional value. 

However, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and dietary needs. 

Some people find white rice easier to digest, and it’s also the star of many cultural dishes, like curries, risotto, or paella. 

So, in the grand ‘rice-off,’ brown rice might have more nutrients, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy white rice from time to time!


Is it healthy to eat rice every day?   

Just like most things in life, balance is key! Rice can absolutely have a place on your plate daily, as long as you’re watching portions and keeping the rest of your diet varied and nutritious. 

If you’ve got conditions like diabetes or you’re looking to lose a few pounds, you might need to be a bit more mindful of the serving size, though.

Is it safe to reheat rice?

Reheating rice is totally fine, as long as you’re careful about it. You know that saying, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”? 

Well, there’s this pesky bacteria in rice called Bacillus cereus that seems to live by that mantra. 

It can hang around after cooking, but if you cool and store your rice promptly and properly (like popping it in the fridge within an hour), then reheat it so it’s piping hot, you’ll be good to go!

Does rice make you gain weight?

Gaining weight isn’t really about one specific food. It’s more about how much you’re eating overall and how active you are. 

Sure, rice is high in carbs and can pack a calorie punch if you eat a lot of it, but enjoying it as part of a balanced diet isn’t going to make you gain weight overnight. 

Portion size is key here, and mixing it up with other food groups is important. Think about it like this: rice is like the supporting actor in your meal, not the star of the show.

This is where the healthy rice recipes you’ll find here come in handy!

More Wholesome Healthy Recipes You’ll Love

25 Healthy Rice Recipes You’ll Love

Are you on the hunt for delicious and carb-filled dishes to fill you up for lunch or dinner? These healthy rice recipes are here to save the day! Packed with wholesome ingredients and plenty of veggies, they’ll spice up your recipe binder.
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