35 Best Zoodle Recipes (AKA Zucchini Noodles)

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These quick and easy zoodle recipes are a great way to incorporate more summer squash into your diet. From fresh salads to healthy takes on Italian classics, these delicious recipes won’t make you miss carbs one bit!

Collage of zoodle reicpes: Coconut Curry Zoodle Ramen andTomato and Zucchini Spaghetti with Avocado Sauce Recipes

I’m not usually one to jump on foodie fads.

But my mind changed when I bought a spiralizer and tried my first zoodle recipe!

To save you from searching for genuinely tasty recipes to cook this summer, I’ve rounded up my favorite spiralizer dishes that you can try right now.

Whether you’re craving a lighter take on ramen or need a new side dish for fish night, I’ve got you covered!

Plus, all of these recipes use simple and wholesome ingredients that’ll make you feel amazing.

Now let’s get cooking!

35 Best Zoodle Recipes

5 Tips to Avoid Watery Zucchini Noodles

1. Dry your noodles before cooking them

To get the best results, always pat zoodles dry with a paper towel to remove excess water and prevent your noodles from going soggy!

2. Don’t use super high heat

Keeping your heat too high while you’re cooking spiralized veggies won’t get you perfectly delicate noodles! Instead, use medium-high heat or medium heat to cook your zoodles.

3. Add them last

If you’re cooking any sauces, throw your zoodles in right at the end. They’ll cook in the sauce and won’t turn mushy as your sauce reduces.

4. Reduce any sauces

If you’re adding sauces to your recipes, it’s easy to end up with goopy and soggy noodles. To avoid this, reduce your sauces first before mixing in your zoodles.

5. Don’t overcook them

This might sound obvious but don’t overcook your noodles. Zoodles only need to cook for around 3 to 5 minutes until they’re perfectly al dente.

Have you tried any of these zoodle recipes?

Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite!

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