35 Dinner Ideas For Tonight That Are No-Fuss, Big Flavor

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Are you on the hunt for quick and easy dinner ideas for tonight? Wave goodbye to indecisiveness and settle on these simple dishes packed with wholesome ingredients. Plus, they all require minimal effort and store well if you need leftovers!

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Tired of cooking the same old thing every day and want to try something new?

If you don’t know what to cook for dinner tonight and need some inspiration, I’ve got some effortless and hassle-free recipes for you.

Some of these are always in my weekly rotation, like my quick and easy hummus pasta (yes, hummus in pasta – try it! It’s so good), paella (you won’t believe how quick and easy it’s to make) or creamy and scrumptious curries.

Others are perfect for a double batch, so you’ll have lunch ready for the next day or two.

And all of them are filled with tasty (and healthy!) ingredients, but they don’t involve slaving over a hot stove for hours!

Ready to make dinner 100% less stressful?

What’s For Dinner Tonight? 35 Easy Recipes!

From earthy soups to simple stir-fries, from speedy tacos to a less than 15-minute pizza, here you'll find 35 dinner ideas that are quick, easy, and absolutely full of flavor - no fuss needed!

Perfect for busy families!

More Dinner Ideas

So, have you decided what’s for dinner tonight?

Whether you are looking for something quick and easy or for something more indulgent, I am sure you’ve found the perfect inspiration!

Let me know what’s your favorite recipe in the comments!

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