Ipsos iSay Review: Is It a Scam or Legit? (From a Real User)

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Is Ipsos iSay worth joining? Read my real-life Ipsos iSay review and get the full details on the pros, cons, and how you can make money with it!

Ipsos iSay is one of the many free survey companies you can join to make extra money.

As there are hundreds of online survey sites out there, you probably need a bit of help before you sign up for every free survey site you come across.

Don’t worry!

I am here to do just that! I tried Ipsos iSay for you, and I will give you my detailed review below.

What is Ipsos iSay?

ipsos isay survey website homepage

iSay is powered by Ipsos, a leading global market research company. Ipsos is a legit site, so if you are worried about this being a scam, you can rest assured your data will be safe.

Founded in 1975, with significant contributions to market research, Ipsos is the third largest survey-based research firm in the world, with more than 15,000 employees in more than 80 countries worldwide.

It’s one of the leaders in surveys; therefore, you are in safe hands!

Ipsos iSay Review

How Ipsos iSay works

iSay is the survey site of Ipsos: it’s open to everyone over 18 from all over the world. Every country has its own iSay site, and depending on where you live, the rewards you will get might be different.

You can join it completely free and immediately start taking surveys.

The sign-up process takes only a few minutes. You can log in using your email or link your account with Facebook. At this point, iSay will ask you some standard questions that will help them to pre-screen you for specific surveys, like your gender, date of birth, marital status, education, race, etc.

Screenshot of isay website page to join

Ipsos iSay will also require you to confirm your subscription via email: make sure you check your emails and click on the “Confirm Registration” button.

Once you have confirmed your registration, you are ready to take your first survey!

The first survey is a pre-qualification one called the “Getting to Know You Survey.”

It’s a simple survey that asks you to answer questions on your demographic information, like employment and level of interest in surveys. It’ll only take 5 minutes to fill, and it’s a way for iSay to understand you and helps them put you into the right panels.

How to earn points on Ipsos iSay

If you want to earn enough points to make money with iSay, you need to take surveys!

Unlike other sites like Swagbucks, where you can also earn points by playing games, surfing the web, and shopping, the only way to make money on iSay is to respond to survey questions.

After you sign up and confirm, you will start to receive survey invitations in your inbox, or you can simply login on the app or online and can see all your available surveys, like here:

Screenshot of available surveys

Or you can also log in and check if there are any qualifying surveys.

Depending on your background, you’ll receive more or fewer invitations. This is the biggest con of Ipsos iSay: if your profile is not what iSay is looking for, you might receive as little as one survey per month!

If your profile fits with what they are looking for, you might get lucky and get up to 6-8 surveys per month!

The more surveys you take, the more iSay points you receive.

How to make money on Ipsos iSay

Like with all online surveys, Ipsos iSay won’t make you a millionaire! It’s a great way to pass your time and earn a few extra dollars for free gift cards or cash, but you won’t get rich by doing surveys!

When you receive an email about a new survey, you can earn points by responding to the qualifying questions. You will earn anything between 45 and 250 points if you qualify for a survey. If you don’t qualify, you’ll get 5 or 10 points for participating.

This means you will need to take between 4 to 12 surveys to get a $5 Starbucks gift card!

If you want to earn some extra money on the side, you should look at starting a side hustle or your own small business.

Ipsos iSay rewards and how to redeem them

iSay uses a point system and pays using rewards.

For a typical reward, you’ll need 100 points to earn $1. If you want PayPal cash, it’ll cost you a few more points.

The type of reward will be different in every country.

In the US and Canada, you will be able to get:

  • Amazon gift cards
  • Starbucks gift cards
  • Target gift cards
  • Walmart gift cards
  • Prepaid Visa cards
  • Paypal funds
screenshot of ipsos isay rewards

I also really like that you can use your points for charity donations like Heart Disease Foundation, Trees for the Future, Big Brothers and Sisters, Unicef, Red Cross, and more.

It’s a great way to give back to the community by spending some of your time answering questions!

You will need to collect at least 500 points to redeem them. Amazon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, and other rewards are delivered within 24 hours via email, while other rewards like PayPal funds will be delivered within 3-4 weeks. This is pretty typical timing for survey sites.

Make sure you use the same email as your PayPal account address to sign up for iSay, as they will only send you funds to the same email address.

How to redeem points for cash

iSay uses PayPal to allow members to redeem their points for cash. If you want to get some money, you’ll need a minimum of 510 points to redeem $5.

To give you an idea, here is how the number of points translates to dollars:

  • 510 Points = $5 PayPal funds
  • 1,530 Points = $15 PayPal funds
  • 2,550 Points = $25 PayPal funds
  • 50,100 Points = $500 PayPal funds
  • 10,200 Points = $100 PayPal funds
  • 102,000 Points = $1,000 PayPal funds

Do iSay points ever expire?

I read some negative reviews from people mentioning that their points disappeared when they logged in to their Ipsos iSay account. You need to remember that you have to keep your account active by logging in and taking part in surveys.

If you don’t respond to survey invitations for a while, your account will be considered inactive, and after 45 days, your points account will be closed, and any unused points will be removed.

iSay loyalty program

iSay offers a loyalty program that will reward you based on the number of surveys you take. The more surveys you participate in, the higher your bonuses (up to 600 loyalty points in a year).

N of SurveysBonus Loyalty Points

The loyalty program runs from January 1 to December 31 every year, and the number of surveys taken does not carry over, but the loyalty points you earn will not expire as long as you remain an active member of the iSay community.

iSay Cons

Not many available surveys

The biggest con of iSay is that you might not receive a lot of invites.

I personally receive at least 3 or 4 emails a week, but it seems hard to qualify for surveys. It’s great to receive 10 points just for answering a few qualifying questions, but if you can’t take many surveys a week, it’ll be hard to make money.

Some users say they receive up to 8-10 surveys a week, while others don’t get an invite for weeks.

The only way to know if you are part of the lucky people that will receive several invites a week is to sign up and have a go!

iSay Pros

Easy-to-navigate interface

I quite like the clean and easy-to-navigate interface compared to many other surveys site. For every survey you take, you’ll know exactly how many points you will earn and roughly how long it will take you to complete (I found that I can typically complete the surveys in less time than they estimate).

Different rewards

I also like the different types of rewards you can get compared to other survey companies. Not only can you get cash if you are patient enough to earn 510 points (which you can do pretty quickly), but they have some great other options to choose from, like Amazon, Starbucks, and Target, to name a few!

A good amount of points earned

And the amount you can earn is pretty good for a survey site.

Easy to sign up

It’s also super easy to sign up. You just need to answer a few questions and confirm your email. After that, you’ll be ready to start participating in surveys straight away!

App for your mobile device

And if you fancy doing surveys on the go, you try the isay app!

Is iSay worth It?

Like with other survey sites, it will take time to make a few bucks!

It’s also down to how lucky you are to qualify for surveys. If you qualify for many of them, it won’t take you much time to earn $15-$30. But if you are unlucky, you might just get the 5-10 points for answering the qualifying questions.

I managed to make 950 in a couple of weeks ($10 Amazon gift card, here I come!) because I qualified for many surveys! You just have to keep an eye on your emails and log in as soon as you see a new survey.

ipsos isay points

It’s hard to predict how much money you will make.

The best thing you can do is to sign up and give it a go:

Click here to sign up from anywhere in the world.

You can then try to qualify for a few surveys and see how many you can participate in. Signing up will not cost you anything, and if you are part of the lucky ones, you might get into some of the highest-paying surveys straight away and earn some free cash.

Again, surveys won’t make you rich, but they can be a fun way to pass the time during your commute, in the evenings, or while queueing up for something!

Ready to make money with surveys?

Some of the best survey sites I used to make money in my free time are Ipos iSay, Survey Junkey, and Swagbucks.

But I love even more online focus groups (you can earn over $150 for an hour of your time!).

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  1. This is all very helpful information. Thank you. Very inspiring, and you make it sound like it’s a fun thing. I signed up for this because it was listed as a job on a job site where they said I can make up to $40 an hour. Lol.🤣 I’m looking for serious work, as I move from one Province to another to start My Life Anew, and from what I’m reading here it sounds like this is just a hobby. LOL, but fun just the same, so thank you. I may just do it for s**** and giggles when I have time. Appreciate all your hard work putting this information together. P Colvin, BC, Canada. FYI, this is something you should get paid for cuz, it’s very helpful and very thorough information. Just a thought😉

  2. Diane DeLaet says:

    Over the past number of months, I participated in numerous surveys with Ipsos Isay. I was open and honest in my answers. I was able to accumulate over 500 points and purchased a $5.00 Walmart gift card. I first tried to use the gift card in-store when purchasing a few items. I was told by the cashier, after her trying numerous time to input the gift card information, that its value was only 1 cent, not $5.00 as identified on the card. I then tried to use the card online when purchasing an item from the Walmart site. No luck. The Walmart site would not apply the card to my purchase. Obviously, the gift card is useless along with my time spent answering all the questions in numerous surveys. Be aware!!

    1. Sorry to hear this Diane! This is not my experience at all! I’ve always been able to cash out all my vouchers without any problems.
      Have you tried contacting their support? I am sure they’ll help by giving you a new gift card!

  3. Hi! Thank you for this detailed review! It helps so much! Just wanted to ask if I decide to sign up in one country during a vacation to get some rewards in that country, and then eventually I have to go back to my country of residence, can I still log in? Or will I face issues with logging in in my residence country after signing up for an account in a country that I’m temporarily in for vacation (issues such as IP address or something else)? Sorry it may be confusing question and the way I asked it lol! Thank you!

    1. Hey Hanya,
      Yes, it should work! But remember that you will need to disclose your real country of residence when you sign up. So, if your country of residence isn’t listed, it won’t work!