15 Best Gelato in Rome: Go Here For the Most Amazing Ice Cream

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Who doesn’t love gelato? And when it comes to the best gelato in the world, there’s no place quite like Rome. With so many amazing gelaterie to choose from, I’ve put together a list of the 15 best gelato spots in the city – from hidden gems to iconic favorites. Get ready to indulge in some serious deliciousness!

Rome is such an incredible city, a must-see when you are in Italy.

And every time we go there, we can’t wait to explore its street while eating the most amazing gelato.

As an Italian, I know my gelato, and I have to say that for me, nothing beats a creamy hazelnut or pistachio flavor. But during the hot summer months, when the heat wraps the city, a fruity and refreshing sorbetto is an absolute must.

With so many amazing gelato shops around town, it can be overwhelming to choose just one. And you don’t want to end up in a touristy spot with subpar gelato!

So, if you are short on time and you are not sure where to eat the best gelato in Rome…here is your list!

And believe me!

It was a really hard job to try them all, lol!

Tips To Pick The Best Gelato Anywhere

  1. Look for signs that say gelato artigianale: Authentic gelato is made with natural ingredients, such as fresh fruit, nuts, and high-quality milk and cream. Avoid places that use artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.
  2. Check the colors and texture: Real gelato should have natural, muted colors, not bright, artificial hues. And it’s creamy and silky, without ice crystals (but also not too fluffy or has a lot of air whipped into it – that’s industrial ice cream).
  3. Check how it’s displayed: Real gelato is not piled high in big mounds like ice cream. Plus, it’s kept in stainless steel trays or bins to keep it cool and fresh. Oh, and avoid anything displayed in plastic trays!

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The absolute best gelato in Rome

Tip 1: Click on each address to open Google Maps!
Tip 2:
In most gelaterie in Rome, you can ask to add panna (whipped cream) on top of your gelato free of charge! It’s more calories, but from time to time, it’s worth it!

1. Frigidarium

If you’re looking for the best gelato in Rome, Frigidarium is a must-visit.

It’s a tiny little gelateria in a small cobbled street that doesn’t look like much. But from the long queue outside, you’ll see there’s something special going on here.

From the moment I managed to have a look at their gelato, I knew I was in for a treat. I decided to try the hazelnut and gianduia flavors and let me tell you, they did not disappoint.

The gelato here is rich, creamy, and bursting with flavor. They don’t have many flavors, but the ones they do have are just perfect.

You can also ask to dip your gelato in a tiny crust of melted chocolate (either dark or white). The chocolate will freeze and make a thin, incredibly delicious crust. It’s a must!

So if you’re in Rome and looking for a gelato experience that will truly blow you away, be sure to add Frigidarium to your list of must-visit gelaterias.

Nearby attractions: Piazza Navona (3 min walk), Pantheon (8 min walk)
Address: Via del Governo Vecchio, 112

The queue at Frigidarium, gelateria in Rome
The queue at Frigidarium!
Hand holding one of the est gelato in Rome at Frigidarium
OMG, this was so good!

2. Old Bridge

You can’t say you have eaten proper ice cream in Rome if you haven’t tried gelato at the Old Bridge.

If you are planning a visit to Vatican City, or St Peter’s Basilica, you have to take a small diversion and have a gelato here!

There are now 3 Old Bridge gelaterie in Rome, but the first Old Bridge opened near Vatican City over 30 years ago, and it still uses the original recipes and best ingredients.

You can’t miss it!

You can have up to 3 different flavors in one cone, it’s pretty cheap, and it’s fantastic!

There is normally a huge queue of people standing outside, but we promise it’s worth the wait. You won’t be disappointed!

Nearby attractions: Main address – St Peter’s Basilica and Vatican City (8 min walk), Address 2 – Trastevere
Main Address: Viale dei Bastioni Di Michelangelo 5
Address 2:

3. Giolitti

This historic gelateria in the heart of Rome, close to Palazzo Montecitorio, opened in 1890! It’s perfect if you are strolling around near the Pantheon or the Trevi Fountain.

Giolitti is one of the oldest gelato shops in the city, and they’ve been serving up deliciousness for generations.

It’s no wonder they’ve become such a beloved spot for locals and tourists alike. The family who owns the shop has always used high-quality ingredients. In fact, they used to supply milk to the Italian royal family – talk about a stamp of approval!

And it’s not just the locals who love Giolitti – can you believe that even the Obamas made a visit during their trip to Rome?

So it’s no wonder that this place gets busy! The queues can sometimes stretch out the door, but trust me when I say it’s worth the wait.

You’ll need to queue to pay for your gelato first, then get a ticket, and queue again to get served.

And if you have time, sit at one of the small tables outside and enjoy one of their amazing gelato cups.

Nearby attractions: Pantheon (4 min walk), Trevi fountain (7 min walk)
Address: Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40

Gelateria Giolitti in Rome

4. La Strega Nocciola

La Strega Nocciola is a small gelateria tucked away on a charming little street just a stone’s throw away from Piazza di Spagna, and it’s often less crowded than some of the other places on this list (although it’s gaining more and more popularity).

They use only high-quality ingredients, with an eye on fresh seasonal produce, without any food coloring and artificial flavors.

I have to say, pistachio was my favorite here (I love the classics!). And the fondente (dark chocolate) is pretty spectacular. If you feel adventurous, try some of their special flavors, like lavender or basil.

And if you go there in the summer, try their granita: dairy-free and made with real fruit, it’s so good and refreshing!

Nearby attractions: Piazza di Spagna (3 min walk), Trevi fountain (7 min walk)
Address: Via Della Vite, 100

5. Fiocco Di Neve

Fiocco di Neve (snowflake in Italian) is without a doubt one of the best gelaterie in Rome, and for a good reason.

This adorable gelateria has been serving up incredible gelato since it first opened its doors in 1968.

What sets Fiocco di Neve apart from the rest is not just the quality of their gelato but their affordable prices as well, which is rare to find in such a central location.

The owners are also committed to catering to all dietary needs. If you’re celiac you’ll be happy to know that everything here is gluten-free – including the cones.

So you can enjoy their delicious gelato worry-free!

Nearby attractions: Pantheon (1 min walk)
Address: Via Del Pantheon, 51

 6. Come Il Latte

Come il Latte” means “like milk”. This is a proper 100% artisan local gelateria that uses only whole ingredients with no hydrogenated fats, additives, or preservatives.

By far, one of the best in Rome. Add it to your must-try gelaterie!

Milk and cream are the stars of the show here, as they make 60/70% of the ingredients in the creamiest gelato you will eat in Rome.

You also have to try the sorbetto ice cream, made only with the best quality seasonal fruit, water, and sugar.

Torroncino, coffee, salted caramel, and pistachio flavor are a must here. You can also add melted chocolate inside the cone or on top (either white or dark).

And make sure you put cream on top!

Nearby attractions: A bit off the beaten track, Trevi fountain (15 min walk)
Address: Via Silvio Spaventa, 24/26, 00187 Roma RM, Italy

Hand holding a gelato in Rome

7. La Romana

Although this gelateria wasn’t born in Rome, it’s not to be overlooked.

La Romana gelato shop was born in the heart of the historic center of Rimini in 1947 and got its name from the founder’s daughter.

They make traditional flavors with the best quality products, following the old recipes from the past. Plus, all their packaging is eco-friendly, so if you are looking for sustainable gelato, this is your place.

They can fill your cone with warm dark, milk, or white chocolate: a must!

There are six gelaterie La Romana in Rome (although some are further out from the city center), and they are all amazing!

Below, I will share the addresses of the 2 locations closer to the main attractions.

Nearby attractions: Address 1 – Piazza Navona (2 min walk), Address 2 – Castello Sant’Angelo (13 min walk)
Address 1: Piazza di S. Andrea della Valle
Address 2: Via Cola di Rienzo, 2

8. Gelateria Fassi

Gelateria Fassi has been serving ice cream in Rome since 1880, which makes it the oldest gelateria in Rome.

It’s a large ice cream parlor called Palazzo del Freddo (Palace of the Cold) with lots of history: five generations have been producing ice cream here for more than 130 years.

You will be spoiled for choice as they have so many gelato flavors…You won’t be able to easily make a decision and will have to come back for more and more!

You can also try their semifreddo – a type of Italian dessert that literally translates to “half-cold.” It’s a semi-frozen dessert that falls somewhere between gelato and ice cream in terms of texture.

They also make gelato sandwiches (tramezzini)! So good!

Trust me, a visit to Fassi is an experience you won’t forget!

Nearby attractions: Not really an attraction, but it’s nearby Termini station (10 min walk)
Address: Via Principe Eugenio, 65

9. Gelateria Cremilla

If you’re in the mood for some truly amazing gelato in Rome, you have to check out this place.

The artisanal gelato here is absolutely fantastic – but what really stands out is the crema al limone (a creamy lemony flavor). It’s like nothing you’ve ever tasted before – creamy, tangy, and just the right amount of sweet.

Oh, and if you love coffee (like Dan), give Tiramisu’ a try! He swears it’s incredible!

Occasionally they also produce unique flavors (like panettone) and have different types of whipped cream.

And for those who are looking for a vegan option or are lactose intolerant, you’ll be happy to know that all their fruit flavors are true sorbets without any milk.

It’s also one of the few gelaterie with indoor seating available for enjoying your gelato comfortably.

Nearby attractions: Castel Sant’Angelo (5 min walk)
Address: Via di Porta Castello, 39

10. Gelateria Del Teatro

This is a true little gem, especially for Instagram lovers!

Located near the beautiful Piazza Navona (where one of Rome’s most beloved Christmas markets is held every year), this artisanal gelateria is located at the bottom of a medieval staircase where one stood an ancient theater, hence the name.

Their location is very suggestive (in fact, it has won the award for the most photogenic gelateria). You can watch them make gelato from scratch in their workshop through the front window, so while you’re waiting in line for your gelato, you can snap some cute photos.

They have all the traditional flavors but also some very original ones made by infusing aromatic herbs with more classic ingredients: white peach and lavender, raspberry and sage gelato, or lemon, honey, and rosemary gelato. All are made with fresh, seasonal ingredients, and it shows!

And whatever you do, opt for a cone here and not a cup! Why? Because Gelateria del Teatro has also won the award for the best waffle cone.

Nearby attractions: Piazza Navona (4 min walk)
Address: Via dei Coronari, 65/66

The stairs that lead to Gelateria Del Teatro
The cute little Gelateria Del Teatro

11. Fatamorgana

This is such a good gelato!

The flavor combinations at Fatamorgana are so many that it’s hard to choose.

Here you can find all the traditional (delicious) flavors but also some creative ones like wasabi, karkadé rose, and basil gelato with pine nuts and honey, to name just a few.

I tried the classic pistachio and chestnut with myrtle, truly delicious. The sushi gelato is also very interesting.

Plus, their service is particularly friendly. Which is always a plus, if you ask me!

They have several locations in Rome, but the closest to the action are near Campo De’ Fiori and Piazza Del Popolo (there is one in Trastevere, too!).

Nearby attractions: Address 1 – Campo De’ Fiori (4 min walk), Address 2 – Piazza Del Popolo (3 min walk)
Address 1: Via dei Chiavari, 37A
Address 2: Via Laurina, 10

12. Gelateria dei Gracchi

If you’re in the mood for gelato while visiting Vatican City, avoid many of the tourist traps around St. Peter’s Basilica and head to Gelateria dei Gracchi.

This is a true gem when it comes to eating gelato in Rome.

The gelato is creamy and not overly sweet, the kind that you could eat every day. In other words, it is a gelateria above the average.

Plus, the gelato is made with seasonal ingredients and fresh milk without the addition of preservatives or artificial colors.

The menu here offers a wide selection of flavors. From the classic lemon, dark chocolate, yogurt, or stracciatella to more original ones like ricotta and pears, pomegranate, chocolate and rum or zabaglione.

No matter what time of year you visit Rome, here you’ll find the perfect seasonal flavor waiting for you. A tip? The refreshing mint and apple gelato for summer and the chestnut and rum gelato for winter.

They have four locations in Rome, but two are more centrally located: be sure to check one out!

Nearby attractions: Address 1 – Vatican Museum (16 min walk), Address 2 – Piazza di Spagna (11 min walk)
Address 1: Via dei Gracchi, 272
Address 2: Via di Ripetta, 261

13. La Gourmandise

A bit off the beaten ‘touristic’ track, in the heart of Monteverde Vecchio, there is this small gelato boutique created by Dario Benelli.

Dario makes his gelato with incredible passion. You can see that he really cares about what produce is used and selects only the best ingredients, such as unpasteurized eggs, seasonal fruit, and goat milk, to make the gelato light and suitable for those with intolerances.

Here you’ll find unique flavors created by combining different ingredients with recipes inspired by ancient traditions, like saffron with crunchy walnuts, Roman mint and lemon zest, and apricot with five spices.

The menu also offers other special flavors, like as raspberry with rose water, juniper cream with amaretti cookies, almond with a salt crust, and coconut with myrtle berries.

Nearby attractions: A bit of a walk from Trastevere (20 min)
Address: Via Felice Cavallotti, 36b

14. Günther

From Bolzano to Rome, Günther Rohregger opened his first gelateria in 2012 in Via dei Pettinari.

Günther uses water from the Dolomites as the base for his excellent sorbets, and he chooses all the produce he puts in his gelato very carefully.

Here you’ll find so many kinds of chocolate (from single-origin to Grand Marnier, to gianduiotto – one of my favorites – and even a combination of chocolate and gorgonzola!).

He also made a special flavor as a tribute to South Tyrol: Pino Mugo, made with microfiltered organic milk, fresh cream, and essential oil of Pino Mugo (a typical pine tree found on the Dolomites).

They also offer vegan and gluten-free flavors, as well as sugar-free options. The ice cream is creamy and not too sweet, and it’s worth a try.

However, the prices are a bit higher than average.

Nearby attractions: Address 1 – Trastevere, Address 2 – Piazza Navona (3 min walk), Address 3 – Termini Station inside Mercato Centrale
Address 1: Via dei Pettinari, 43
Address 2: Piazza di Sant’Eustachio, 47
Address 4: Via Giovanni Giolitti, 36

15. Gelato San Lorenzo 100 % Naturale

Although it’s a bit outside the touristy area, it’s worth going out of the way a bit to try this gelato.

Here, they use only the best ingredients: fresh high-quality milk, organic eggs, and real fruit and nuts. They have plenty of favors that vary with the seasons, and they offer also incredible vegan options (including vegan cones).

Their vegan hazelnut and pistachio were the best I’ve ever had!

Plus, the price/quality/quantity ratio is spot on.

Nearby attractions: San Lorenzo Quarter, neat Remini Station (20 min walk)
Address 1: Via Tiburtina, 6

Is gelato the same as ice cream?

Gelato isn’t just ice cream. It’s churned slower and with less cream, which means you can indulge in more without feeling guilty!

The fruit version usually contains water, sugar, and real fruit pulp. While the more creamy flavors are made with milk, sometimes eggs, and sugar.

Lots of cones in a gelateria in Rome

When was gelato invented?

Some say that the ancient Romans were the original ice cream lovers, storing snow from the mountaintops and drizzling it with honey for a refreshing treat.

It’s hard to imagine gelato having any other home than Italy, but surprisingly, the very first gelato shop was actually set up in Paris by a Sicilian in 1686.

These days, with over 30,000 gelaterias all over the country, you know Italians are serious about this frozen treat!

When in Italy – and in this case, Rome, make sure to visit one (or two, or ten) of the many gelaterie and indulge in the best gelato experience you’ll ever have!

Where did you try the best gelato in Rome?

Let me know in the comments!

And if you need any more tips or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment, and I’ll be more than happy to help!

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  2. Omgosh! I loveeeee gelato and ice cream!! And I love pistachio and hazel nut flavours too (that’s probably why I love Nutella and Ferraro) haha. Even in the summer time, I don’t go for the fruity flavours. I always stick to hazel nut, dark chocolate, or pistachio. If I’m feeling more like my Asian side, I go for green tea or black sesame flavours lol.

    All those places on your list look like it’s to die for!! When I visit Rome I can refer to this ice cream guide! I can just refer back to your blog since it’s all about travel and yummy foods!

    1. I am with you! I am all about hazelnut and Nutella! Hazelnut is my favorite overall and can’t really have a gelato without it “)